OS Management

We all know that the servers are the core point or center of any organization and require unique thoughtfulness regarding keep your operations facilitated and moving effectively. Cognegic offers far reaching support for the greater part of your association’s IT, however spends significant time in remote and on location server administration and remediation administrations.

Our educated and experienced specialists check and deal with your servers, guaranteeing that they run productively and aren’t presented to dangers that could put your association in danger. Cognegic’s professionals are versed in industry best practices to guarantee your IT infrastructure capacities like you require it to.

With our certifiable all day and all night support and our proactive upkeep your servers will be steady and accessible when you require them. Best yet, in the event that there is a critical issue with your server, we will know inside minutes and can instantly make a move. With your server’s uptime our need, you lessen any future operational hiccups that impede efficiency.

Linux OS Support

Each time you switch on your PC, you see a screen where you can perform distinctive exercises like write, browse the web or watch a video. All things considered, it is the operating system or the part which does this work. A “kernel” is a program at the core of any operating system that deals with basic stuff.

The Linux OS which is also called “Linux Open Source Operating System” is a distributable operating system which can be easily installed in laptops, mobiles, tablets, PC’s etc.