Website Performance Monitoring

All-In-One Website Performance Monitoring

Have you ever clicks any website and it takes a long time to open? If yes, then it means that website or web service performs poorly. As research indicates that, a website takes only two to three seconds to load but if it takes more than two to three seconds, here you lose your entire business. Note that, your website reflects your whole business but unexpected downtime can affect your business, revenue and obviously your valuable customers. Now, what to do?

Make sure, if you want to get rid of this problem then you have to choose most trusted and reliable platform where you can easily handle you the r website related issues. At Cognegic, we give you depth visibility into your website and let you know if any critical issues have arrived.

Check Out Our Other Monitoring Features

1)    Web Page Analyzer

How fast does your website loads? To get the answer to this question you have to choose Cognegic’s Web Page Analyzer Tool where you can easily test your website’s performance. With Cognegic you can easily optimize your website performance and get alert mechanism if any issues occur.

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2)    Website Availability Monitoring

On the off chance that your site goes down for even a couple of minutes, you could be paying for it in revenue and reputation. With Cognegic’s Website Availability, you can easily check your website is reachable or not. At Cognegic, we provide first-class website experience and be the first to know if any critical issues have occurred.

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3)    DNS Monitoring

The DNS plays a vital role in any organization because it translates a domain name to IP address. But if the Domain Name Server which supports your business/organization is down, then numerous services like Proxy servers, Mail Servers are not available for outside world. To overcome this problem the Cognegic provide complete checking and observing of Domain Name System.