Why Cognegic?

Cognegic is a worldwide execution and accessibility monitoring solution for your sites, applications, and servers. With our far-reaching observing platform, we enable you to convey an ideal web understanding to your clients.

We may have made our name by guaranteeing your site is constantly accessible however Cognegic isn’t simply uptime observing: you can likewise check the heap execution of your page, ensure your most essential site communications work easily and perceive how your real guests encounter your site, all from a solitary, effective stage.



What we check?

  • We smoothly check your DNS if is it works properly or not.
  • We at Cognegic check your Ports on your server are open or not.
  • We also effectively check your SMTP i.e. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is working and accepting the delivery of a mail address which you specify.
  • We are here also monitor and check your FTP is should be up and running.

Some Key Strength of Cognegic

  • Beneficial to a protected future
  • Amazing reputation
  • Amazing specialized abilities
  • Broad client base
  • Client-driven logic

What Will User get after using the Cognegic?

1) Recover your life

Not any more late evenings in the data center. Say farewell to the problems of programming based monitoring and remain responsible for your IT framework every minute of every day whether you are in the workplace or at home. There is no any kind of install and reinstall and updates, simply log in and begin observing.

2) Develop your business and lift your ROI

Maintain a strategic distance from benefit slaughtering issues, for example, poor site execution or blackouts. Free your chance of being up and running in only 3 minutes. Invest energy in things that extremely matter. Develop your business rather than just overseeing it.

3) Make your life less distressing

Tired of overseeing excessively numerous things with an excessive number of apparatuses? Rearrange your existence with our across the board monitoring solution. Every one of your sites, servers, systems, and applications from one simple to-utilize and instinctive dashboard.

4) Get Quick Alerts

Remain over the issues with our proactive alarms and smart reports. Get a feeling that something’s incorrectly before it even happens and let us help you never let them see you sweat


What do we do?

  • Wipe out the multifaceted nature found in customary venture software and administrations we make it simple to discover, purchase, convey and look after solutions, paying little respect to an association’s size.
  • Associate with our group, we communicate day by day with our vast, worldwide client group to direct our item advancement and technique and cultivate a situation where clients with even the most complex IT challenges rapidly interface with specialists who love to help.
  • We guarantee our product is on point to meet the essential issues that IT stars, MSPs, and DevOps engineers have today and keep on conveying expanding an incentive over the lifetime of proprietorship.

We alert you to there is any problem

  • Cautions via Email, SMS, and Phone Call: We can convey alarms by means of SMS or email. We can even convey a robotized telephone call.
  • Cautions only when there is a Real Problem: You can advise the support of alarm you in light of tenets you determine. e.g. on the principal blackout, or when the server returns up, or if there are, say, five blackouts in a two-hour time frame.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from Unnecessary Alerts: You can set up ‘occasions’ so the administration does not convey alarms during scheduled maintenance.