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“Cognegic” Right Platform for your DB Recovery Support

As we previously discussed Database is a collection of data and facts and Database Management is a kind of system software through which we can easily manage and create the databases. It enables the users to simply store, modify and extract the information from the databases. Through DBMS users can:

  • Manipulate the data
  • Represent data
  • Do the reporting of data
  • Access the database
We can’t deny, how database plays a vital role in our life either it is personal information or professional information, that’s why database security is first priority. But in most of the cases we found that users data has been lost due to technical or some other reasons. This is the weirdest situation for any user or organization because they are not able to take the recovery and backup support. Now what? Remember that, to solve these kinds of technical hiccups there is only one name and i.e. Cognegic.

Yes, at Cognegic we understand the importance of data in your life and we will assist you to minimize your risk by cloning your system so that you will get best Data recovery support in best possible condition & easy recovery. Uncertain how to deal with a difficult to reach database? Confounded how to continue with a corrupted drive? Then take the advantage of our Cognegic DB Recovery Support.

  • 24*7 technical assistance through most experienced experts
  • Same day recovery and diagnostic
  • Continuous data recovery process
  • We also provide the DB recovery support on holidays and weekends


Cognegic Provide Unlimited Support for Other Data Types

  • SQL Data Recovery- SQL comes in endless flavors. Luckily, we’re acquainted with every one of them, so our experts can recover corrupted database substance without bargaining data security.
  • MySQL Data Recovery- Utilizing a standout amongst the most across the board open-source RDBMS choices in presence doesn’t make you safe to issues. Depending on Cognegic data Recovery’s skill is your most suitable data backup
  • Oracle Data Recovery- Our Oracle Database experts have the experience you have to recover access to your business information. Regardless of whether you’re looking down corrupt block headers, logs or control records, we know how to analyze the issue and reestablish the traded off data.

Cognegic deals with all kinds of Databases regarding problems

  • File Corruption Problem
  • RAID recovery failure and Hardware failure issue
  • Missing entries regarding issue
  • By mistakenly delete files
  • By mistake formatting of data

Make sure, if you are not able to open the database due to file corruption problem or any other issue no worries at all, just to Cognegic for quick assistance. Furthermore, we enable you to minimize downtime by offering a few return media choices including secure FTP. On the off chance that your business needs custom security or on the off chance that you require your database encrypted, Secure Data backup & Recovery Services gives the adaptability you have to stay away from downtime. Our every minute of every day/365 crisis database services administrations have a normal turnaround of under 48 hours.

At Cognegic Data Recovery Services, we see how database issues can influence your business. We generally find a way to keep your files sheltered and secure, and as an industry pioneer, we offer the total arrangement of database recovery benefits anyplace.



Why Cognegic for DB Recovery?

Cognegic is fully focused on business intelligence and data management; application improvement, modernization and support; and database support for Oracle, Oracle Applications, Microsoft Applications, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, MongoDB, and SharePoint because this is the best data recoverycompany. From oversaw benefits and counseling, to ventures, and 24×7 operational help, Cognegic has you and your information secured. Cognegic customers incorporate Fortune 100 to medium sized organizations and new companies that depend on strong help benefits that fabricate their income producing information foundation.

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DB Recovery Support FAQ

1) Why is the backup of data important?

The Data Backup and Data recovery is the most important task of any DBA’s job. For instance, if by mistakenly you lose the data of your company then what will you do? Remember that, hardware and software can be replaced but data cannot be replaced. That’s why the backup of data is necessary for any organization. At Cognegic, we normally provide the daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly basis backups.

2) Through which strategies you can take the back of your Oracle Database?

Here are following methods by which anyone can take the backup of their database.

  • Online Backups
  • Offline Backups
  • Via Export/import etc.

3) How can differentiate between DB Recovering and Restoring?

Most of the people getting confused about recovering and restoring process. In simple words, if we say:

In the Recovery process, we apply the redo logs to the database to roll it forward and on Restoring process, copying the backup files from the secondary storage to the disk.

4) What is the price rate for your Data backup?

We have fixed and affordable rates for any kind of data backup and services. You can check our plans and pricing by clicking on this link https://cognegicsystems.com/plans-and-pricing/
5) How much time does it take during backup?
Usually, it depends on the size of your database
6) How many types of default database storage engine?
There are two types of default database storage engine i.e. InnoDB and another one is MyISAM