Cassandra Support

What is Apache Cassandra?

Like many other databases such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc. the Apache Cassandra is also a member of the database system. It is a free open source NoSQL database management system which is designed to handle a large amount of data across multiple servers. Here we use the word “free open source” which simply means Cassandra Database is available for anyone to modify, study and use. Anyone can use this amazing database to manage their large amount of data and information.

Most of the database management system uses Structured Query Language but in case of Cassandra, it uses and implements “Cassandra Query Language” which is also called (CQL).



Characteristics of Cassandra

  • The Cassandra’s data model is based on Google Bigtable
  • It is scalable and fault tolerant
  • The Cassandra is a column-oriented database
  • Its distributed design is purely based on Amazon Dynamo

In what ways Cassandra is different from other Databases?

The peculiarity of Apache Cassandra originates from its remarkable engineering. It utilizes a shared design dissimilar to most management systems that grasp an ace slave type of course of action. In an ace slave organize; all solicitations are made to the ace server. You understand in such a case, that if an ace server is influenced, a few slaves are additionally influenced, and in this way, the general execution of the framework is affected. Adaptability is likewise an issue when a few variables like execution speed are considered.

Conversely, the distributed game plan that is supported by Cassandra enables companions to share information among them. Along these lines, single purposes of disappointment dangers are wiped out, and therefore the execution of the framework is enhanced, on the grounds that at no time will a slave be rendered pointless.



Some Advantages of Cassandra

  • The Cassandra always ensures applications are running and there is no single point of failure.
  • The Cassandra can store both types of data i.e. structured and unstructured data.
  • It perfectly supports replication and allows scalability.
  • The Cassandra is flexible in nature because it simplifies the data management

Cognegic’s Cassandra Offering

We furnish our customers with a full ordeal with regards to the arrangement procedure, beginning from the underlying outline and configuration directly through to the execution tuning of their Cassandra database support. We give a 24*7Cassandra technical support, introductory reaction and incident management reporting with consistent checking and support on your Cassandra database.

Some Cassandra Support

  • Entire system maintenance
  • Root cause analysis
  • Entire system maintenance
  • Root cause analysis
  • 24*7 Cassandra Support service
  • Support through experienced staff
  • Quick response
  • Quick troubleshoot advance problem
  • Effective health monitoring of your entire database


Cassandra’s Consulting Services

  • Database connectivity and integration
  • Upgrades and installation
  • Deep deployment plans
  • Health check and review
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Security configuration
  • Migration and portioning of database