FTP Monitoring

What is FTP?

The FTP is simply abbreviated as “File Transfer Protocol” whose function is to transfer the files and data between computers on the internet over TCP/IP connections. It uses the client-server architecture and often secured with SSL/TLS. The FTP is basically used for upload and downloads the files from the site. FTP works comparatively as HTTP for exchanging Web pages from a server to a customer’s browser and SMTP for exchanging electronic mail over the Internet in that, like these technologies.

Using FTP, Driven Your Business Fast

  • The FTP allows you to transfer numerous of files as well as directories
  • It is easy to use
  • It efficiently works with macros
  • It creates multiple levels of access
  • The FTP is faster transfer then HTTP

Troubleshoot your server error with Cognegic’s FTP Monitoring Tool

With Cognegic FTP checking administration, you can analyze mistakes to enhance the execution of your FTP server and avoid issues. We give itemized blunder log records. With our point by point on the web and email reports, you will likewise have the capacity to see the uptime, page stack time and definite mistake reports in an unbounded exhibit of client characterized eras. You can send out the reports to various configurations including Excel, PDF, and email or utilize our XML interface.

Check how your FTP Server is performing with Cognegic’s FTP Monitoring

Cognegic’s FTP Monitoring administrations enable you to check, analyze, get warnings and access reports in regards to the execution of your FTP Servers. This guarantees your FTP servers, sites, and internet-connected devices are up and running every minute of every day. A large portion of the associations utilize FTP, SFTP abilities to transfer and download reports from and to the server; it ends up vital that these organizations are up and running always. An absence of accessibility for any of these administrations could bring about a corrupted file being transferred/download which can influence end-client execution.

Most Responsible Customer Support through Cognegic for FTP Server Monitoring

Apart from FTP Monitoring, our professional experts also monitor some of the protocols including, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, MySQL, POP3 and so on. We have FTP Server Monitoring Tool so that your all issues will gone away regarding FTP. Cognegic can effectively monitor and check your servers from outside the firewall and ensure the reliability of your FTP servers. Our expert has numerous years of experience in the same domain that’s why they perfectly monitor your FTP servers and detect the issues. Cognegic can send you to alert about your FTP servers if we detect any issue via SMS, Push Notifications, and Emails and so on. Monitoring FTP Servers with Cognegic makes you cost savvy.

Why Cognegic for FTP Monitoring Service?

  • We provide double verification of website outages
  • We have the powerful control panel
  • We monitor your FTP servers in real-time
  • Provide quick alert on your mobile device
  • We also provide detailed online and email reports