Server Monitoring

Cognegic gives support to monitor all servers and helps check basic applications persistently alongside the administrations and procedures that keep running on the servers. It intermittently monitors the servers by means of SNMP and WMI conventions to guarantee that the servers are up and running at their ideal execution level, Cognegic. It stores every one of the information for chronicled execution tracking and investigating.

The Following items are included in Server Monitoring are

  • Script Monitoring
  • URL Monitoring
  • File and Folders Monitoring
  • CPU Utilization
  • Service Monitoring
  • Memory Utilization etc.

Monitoring of server in Real-Time

The Cognegic monitors different execution measurements, for example, CPU/Memory/Disk use up to a moment interim. It gives a graphical perspective of these measurements to screen and measure the execution, progressively. It additionally enables you to penetrate down to a specific time interim to see more about the issue and take fundamental activities proactively with the goal that you can settle it before it makes genuine harm your business.

Server Monitoring with Cognegic

Quickly manage your servers and occurrences from the cloud more than ever. Send remote summons, perform package updates, convey applications, check framework settings and get logs. Every one of these undertakings brings seconds with Cognegic server observing administration. Cognegic offers proactive observing of servers utilizing different edges. It enables you to check execution at different levels and tell the same through email and SMS when it is disregarded.

Some Key Features

  • Diminish the weight of monitoring and alarming of your cloud cases and exposed metal servers. Cognegic watches out for your IT and cautions each important colleague.
  • Get Statistics of Processes inside your servers and occasions. At whatever point you’re if your Database is MySQL or Web Server i.e. Apache, Tomcat etc., begin devouring a considerable measure of assets, you must be advised about it to have the capacity to rapidly find the issue.
  • Cognegic enables you to reinforcement your servers and cloud occasions to any area every day. Basically, design what you might want to be moved down and setup reinforcement area. Cognegic will do the rest for you