AWS Application Monitoring

Get the Best Application Performance Management Tool or your AWS Environment with Cognegic

The AWS is abbreviated as “Amazon Web Service” which offers cloud computing infrastructure over the internet. The AWS is a mixture of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS which can be used to create and deploy an application in the cloud. Some of the AWS Services are:

  • Amazon SimpleDB
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud
  • Amazon Relational Database Service etc.

Amazon Web Services gives administrations/services from many server centers spread crosswise over availability zones (AZs) in regions over the world. The Amazon Web Service is widely used for:

  • Database
  • Storage
  • Messaging
  • Security
  • Network and Content Delivery and so on

Check your Apps are running on AWS with Cognegic’s AWS Monitoring Tool

AWS offers a noteworthy array of cloud computing administrations yet despite everything you should have the capacity to comprehend what’s going on in your dynamic condition, and why. From your framework and applications to your end-client encounter, Cognegic gives you a chance to see each adjustment in your stack so you can keep up ideal execution at scale.

The Cognegic monitor the wellbeing and execution of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) framework and the greater part of your cloud and on-premises administrations and foundation from a solitary stage. Our AWS Application Performance Monitoring can solve your all cloud related issues.

The Cognegic helps you to manage

  • Client Experience
  • Application Code
  • Business Result
  • Application Configuration and Architecture

The Cognegic’s AWS can easily check and discover your EC2 BS volumes. Our AWS Monitoring Tool can also check any new instances when they are launched from your cloud account. We will alert you when any critical issue is detected in your cloud environment. Cognegic delivers end-to-end application monitoring so that you will maintain your cloud infrastructure.

What AWS Delivers to Customers?

  • AWS Billing Monitoring
  • Service Maintenance
  • Service Performance and Availability
  • Security of Resources

Why AWS Monitoring with Cognegic?

  • Cognegic’s AWS Monitoring & Alerting, checks and observes application wellbeing and condition, execution measurements and all conditions between sections.
  • Cognegic encourages you upgrading limit administration and cost control in unique cloud situations.
  • AWS Monitoring including CloudWatch information, outsider checking, organizes measurements and log investigation.

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