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24*7 Microsoft IIS Monitoring with Cognegic’s Reliable Tool

Basically, the IIS stands for “Internet Information Service” which is simply used for hosting the websites and some other content on the web. This is one of the most popular web servers which consist several modules and extensions. The IIS is developed by Microsoft which provides the graphical user interface for efficiently manage websites and associated users. IIS manager tool enables web administrations to modify different things like logging setting, error page, default page, security setting and so on. The IIS empowers you to share the data with clients on the web, intranet, and extranet that is the reason checking of its execution become critical for users. Some most common technical issues related to IIS are:

  • HTTP 502 Bad Gateway issue
  • HTTP 500 internal server error
  • The user is not recognized using Windows Authentication
  • 400 series client error etc.

Monitor the Availability of Website with Cognegic’s IIS Monitoring Tool

Cognegic helps in proactively checking the IIS web server. It interfaces with the IIS server and checks for the accessibility, reaction time, site details and status of the different web applications in the pool at customary interims of time.

Accessibility and the reaction time of a site amid a client get to are the two most basic measurements deciding the client encounter. Cognegic’s IIS Monitoring Tool has capacity to check the bytes and files exchanged every second, association measurements, mysterious/non-unknown clients every second in your site, other than accessibility, wellbeing and reaction time. These measurements will help one to know the present load on the server and its execution.

Get Advanced IIS Monitoring with Cognegic and troubleshoot your all Technical Glitches

With our IIS Monitoring you can easily find out the session details, failed a request to avoid application overload. Users are enabled to check and identify the application pool with memory leakage and exceptions. With our Best IIS Monitoring Tools, you do not have to worry about server issues because we provide detailed metrics such as CLR data, thread data connected to .NET etc. With our IIS performance monitor you can perform the following:

  • Identify the common issue
  • Configure and set alerts
  • Create charts and reports
  • Log performance data etc.

Quickly Analyze the Response Time and Minimize your Risk with Cognegic

On the off chance that you have been utilizing IIS long, you have most likely seen circumstances when your application bafflingly quits working. After some investigating, you may find that your IIS Application Pool is halted for reasons unknown, making your site is disconnected.

As a less than the dependable rule, an IIS Application Pool will crash and stop as a result of various lethal application botches, issues with the customer the application pool is running under, dreadful plans, or other unpredictable issues. It is possible to get it into a state where it won’t start at all on account of these sorts of issues. With Cognegic item you can remember them and check them as a matter of course.

How Cognegic Monitor your IIS Server?

  • Truly outstanding and most straightforward things you can do are set up a basic HTTP watch that runs each moment. Our IIS Health Monitoring gives you a standard to know whether your site is up or down. It can likewise enable you to track to what extent it takes to react.
  • Observing IIS through a basic HTTP check is likewise a decent approach to set up an essential SLA monitor. Regardless of what number of servers you have, you can utilize this to know whether your web application was on the web and accessible.

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