Mail Server Monitoring

Check and monitor your mail Server from a framework and end client point of view. Test each part of the email conveyance process and measure round-trip time from more than 80 worldwide checking areas or even from your private area behind a firewall utilizing the cognegic On-Premise Poller.

How is Mail Server Monitoring possible through Cognegic?

  • Cognegic remotely interfaces with your approaching mail server, validates itself with the username and password given, examines the mail server for the fitting subject field name or connection name and recovers the test mail by means of POP/IMAP.
  • Here the Cognegic measures the normal time delay between, the transmission of the test email and its gathering. The test mail sent will be consequently erased from the mail server
  • Cognegic going about as an SMTP customer opens a safe connection with the SMTP server and plays out an essential handshake, once this is built up the transmission of the test email happens. This procedure is how a webmail or email customer functions.

Different Mail Server Monitoring Supports

  • SMTP Monitoring- The SMTP basically stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol” which is conveniently used for electronic mail delivery. Today most of the mail servers using these kinds of protocol to send and receive the emails. At whatever point you send an email, your email customer connects to the SMTP server to deal with the sending. The SMTP server on your host may have discussions with other SMTP servers to really convey the email.
  • IMAP & POP Monitoring– IMAP i.e. (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP i.e. (Post Office Protocol) which effectively check your incoming mail servers. Notwithstanding interfacing with your mail server, our remote operator likewise sign in utilizing a username and secret word that you give. Subsequently, if an association with your approaching mail server falls flat, you’ll be advised quickly.