HP 3PAR Support

As per today’s modern data center, the Hewlett Packard introduced one incredible feature called HP 3 PAR storage support platform, who offers scalability, performance which meets the requirements of most demanding data centers. Basically, this 3PAR is designed for cloud and IT environment including numerous of unique technology which not found in traditional storage platforms. Initially, 3PAR was developed in the year of 2003, 3PAR capacity frameworks are planned particularly for virtual and cloud conditions. Their inalienable design support adaptability and operational proficiency. This usefulness made 3PAR a greatly well-known organization before it was bought by HP in 2010.

Cognegic can enable you to begin at a couple of terabytes and scale up with a typical OS, include set and administration.

  • Convey execution without bargain
  • Dispense with downtime and solidify with certainty
  • Easily react to unpredictable and changing requests

With the help of this HP 3 PAR support services users can easily run workloads in a thin state and apart from that they also save up to 90% on administration time. This HP 3 PAR support includes a wide range of storage system which comfortably manages the critical applications, recovery, and backups.

Some other HP 3 PAR Storage Solutions

  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 Storage- it has the capability to process multiple transactions and deliver extreme performance.
  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage- it comes along with flash-optimized architecture including data services and data mobility.
  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ Software- it conveniently handles or deals with unpredictable workloads and applications.


HP 3PAR Storage Services through Cognegic

At Cognegic, we offer HP 3PAR installation and break-fix services for our public sector clients and commercial sector clients. Cognegic’s 3PAR storage proficient administration upgrades our equipment upkeep abilities and gives our clients an answer that wraps around equipment support contracts to successfully deal with our client’s storage systems.

  • Quick support
  • Complete health check
  • Troubleshoot all the technical glitches
  • We also provide technical guidance and advice to technical experts
  • Remote support for critical situation

What Will Customers get?

  • Any time, any day user can indulge with Cognegic’s HP 3PAR support contact and solve their issue
  • All the proficient services are given by highly experienced and certified experts so that you do not have to face the problem regarding HP 3PAR
  • Our experts continuously focused on your business priorities by providing you alternate solution
  • Regular service review

With regards to HP 3PAR maintenance and support administrations, we’re glad to be one of the pioneers in our field, offering a dependable, powerful, and reasonable help arrangement. Contact to Cognegic’s HP 3PAR technical support for any kind of query and issue, we are happy to make you trouble free. You can rest guaranteed that, when you call upon our administrations, you will get the exceptionally most outstanding standard of administration at an ideal cost. Cognegic offers clients HP 3PAR help arrangements that free them from the weights and expenses of an OEM support design and empower them to amplify the estimation of their HP 3PAR system.

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