Backup Support

Keeping the Backup Support of your site has become crucial sometime, but your backups can be restored from Cognegic with your own cPanel backup.

Your business and goals are unique, so you’re hosting arrangement ought to be as well. At Cognegic we’ll enable you to pick the correct innovation and aptitude, so you can concentrate on your business and leave whatever is left of the technology to us. From on-request framework organization to completely oversee administrations, and everything in the middle of, we’ll enable you to achieve a more elevated amount of productivity, security, and accessibility. All with an individual administration that is novel to you and your needs.



Here you will get

  • Data Storage & Sharing
  • Specialist Support & Resources
  • Website and Backup, security & Windows Backup Support
  • Security and Data Consistency
  • SaaS & Enterprise Solution
  • Backup Support Services

Restoring Full cPanel Backup

On the off chance that you have previously made a full cPanel backup from another host or a prior backup of your account with us then, your cPanel backup can be reestablished. Our specialized help group should re-establish this Backup and Support for you. To do as such, essentially transfer your full cPanel backup to your home registry through FTP or the cPanel File Manager; at that point ask for a Data Restoration Request following the system above.

Restoring the Database

To reestablish a database, you may do as such from inside PHPMyAdmin if your database is under 50MB. In the event that your database is more than 50MB, specialized help would need to reestablish it for you.

To do as such, you may upload your SQL document to your home directory, at that point present a ticket to help with the way to the database record, and additionally the name of the database that you need to reestablish it to.

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