Postgres Support

What is Postgres?

Whenever we are talking about the most powerful, open source database then only one name that came to our mind and i.e. “Postgress Database”. This is one of the best and most popular relational database management systems which is preferred by millions of users. Today numerous of companies and developers rely on PostgreSQL to complete health and decision making of the application.

Features of Postgres

  • The PostgreSQL is running on all operating system
  • It includes all major data types such as CHAR, BOOLEAN, DATE, and many others
  • This is totally ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) compliant
  • The PostgreSQL runs on numerous of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Perl, Ruby and so on
  • With this, anyone can easily make their data more powerful and manageable


Some common errors or problems related to PostgreSQL

  • Authentication Problem- In this problem some error messages have been generated and due to this reason, the server refused the connection request.
  • Connection Problem- this kind of problem arises just because of missing PSQL client libraries.
  • Installation error
  • Client connectivity issue
  • Encoding problem
  • Common error message
  • Not able to set up the Postgres due to incorrect drive
  • Not able to update the plugin

24*7 Support & Management through Cognegic

At Cognegic we are focused on giving our clients top-notch PostgreSQL Support. We will probably convey the best arrangements and the consolation of a speedy recuperation when things don’t go as arranged. At the point when an issue presents itself, a group of PostgreSQL Experts will react face to face to give a workaround and a changeless bug settles inside ensured times. Exploit our PostgreSQL Production Support group’s master learning to take care of your issues rapidly and precisely.

Anybody with the specialized skills can offer help, yet for genuinely extraordinary help you require somebody who takes the time and invests the push to understand you, your business, and for that purpose, the Cognegic is available in your service to get rid of this problem.

When you require PostgreSQL service you need it now, regardless of what time of day or day of the week. You typically need to get straight through to somebody who can help by telephone, email, or your own most loved specialized strategy. Also, you are probably going to lean toward a gracious and completely prepared client benefit individual who comprehends what you’re discussing, talks your dialect and gets you to the designer you have to take care of the issue.

Our help benefit is truly all day, every day and from our committed technical experts. Our own particular staff is conscious and prepared to pick up the telephone throughout the day, 365 days of the year.


Why Cognegic for PostgreSQL Support?

  • We completely understand that what postgres is Here we are running one of the best and top fleets of Postgres databases for quite a long time, furnishing us with a profound comprehension of how to improve it for our PSQL clients Regardless of whether it’s a record that is not being utilized, security fixes that must be connected, or directly applicable to guaranteeing your database is performing great, we’re here to manage you en route.
  • We surely solve your problem regarding PostgreSQL Our PostgreSQL skill runs profound and in addition wide. Our PostgreSQL tools and engineers your all problem will solve and our second line engineers have many years of in-the-trenches sysadmin aptitudes in it, and when you require it we have recognized givers on staff as well. 
  • No extra cost This is the biggest question, may be some of the users think that we charged high price but actually this is not true. We believe in customer satisfaction not money minding. Make sure at Cognegic, here is not any hidden charges, taxes, license fee etc. Simply get in touch with our team and ask for plans and pricing.

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PostgreSQL Support FAQ

1) What are Postgres and PostgreSQL?

Well, most of the people are confusing about Postgres and PostgreSQL but actually, the Postgres is just a nickname of PostgreSQL which is widely known. Another thing is that the PostgreSQL is sometimes hard to pronounce that’s why people usually pronounce only Postgres.

2) What are the problems faced by the users regarding PostgreSQL?

Well, there are numerous of technical glitches which are faced the users but here we mention some most common errors such as:

  • Slow Postgres performance
  • Postgres alter column problem
  • Common PostgreSQL error message problem
  • Error registering a database in PostgreSQL
  • Installation problem etc.

3) Which platform supports PostgreSQL?
Normally, any modern UNIX compatible platform is best suited for PostgreSQL and it also runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008 etc.

4) How do I get PostgreSQL support?

No need to worry about PostgreSQL related issues, simply contact to our Cognegic team and get a most appropriate solution with 100% satisfaction. Click here for support

5) How PostgreSQL better than other DBMSs?

The PostgreSQL provide some interesting features such as triggers, views, transactions, sophisticated locking and many other features. The PostgreSQL is faster or reliable than other DBMS.

6) What kinds of the interface are available for PostgreSQL?

Only two interfaces are available for PostgreSQL i.e. C and embedded C

7) Can PostgreSQL run in the Cloud?

Obviously yes, the PostgreSQL can easily run in both containers and virtual machines