Website Availability Monitoring

What is Website Availability Monitoring?

In straightforward terms, accessibility or availability implies that you can get to a site by entering the site’s URL in your browser, and the site is demonstrating the substance not surprisingly. Availability refers to the “uptime” of a site, which is frequently straightforwardly identified with the uptime of the web servers. Website Availability and reliability refer to the uptime of a site, which is frequently specifically identified with the uptime of the web server and other dependent servers, for example, a database server, an application server, or a record server. For a site to be viewed as accessible, the majority of the servers that give its usefulness must work. Accessibility and reliability are worried about keeping the relevant servers that give administrations to your web application accessible constantly. Nonetheless, if a server on which your site depends ends up inaccessible, you should have a sound excess plan to verify that your site stays accessible. As your association moves into an e-business worldview, you should plan, outline, and actualize load-balancing and failover techniques that assurance that your servers will stay operational.

Using Cognegic Website Availability Monitoring

  • With Cognegic find out about the reaction time of a specific application by getting points of interest like DNS Time, Connection Time, First Byte Time and Last Byte Time
  • Get a quick notification if there is any problem with your applications such as content error, connectivity issue, and many other technical glitches
  • Approve the website page for particular mistake messages.
  • Quickly monitor the Website Performance Monitoring Online with the help of using HTTP and HTTPS request

With Cognegic user can monitor the website availability from different locations and they can also monitor the performance of both the internet such as IPv4 and IPv6. Always screen from more than 90 worldwide observing areas, distinguish geologies where your site may encounter blackouts and resolve downtime before your end clients are influenced. We have Best Website Performance Monitoring Tool to get rid of your issues.

Cognegic support different data formats such as

  • JSON
  • XML
  • POST HTTP Method

The Cognegic remotely interfaces with your site or web application each 1 minute from different worldwide observing areas spreading over crosswise over landmasses and checks for uptime. We continuously Track Website Availability so that you do not have to face issues. Ensure a foolproof false alerts protection by setting up a reliance setup to stifle repetitive cautions and by provisioning extra checks from optional observing areas in case of a downtime.

Check your website’s availability with most powerful reporting

The Cognegic gives all of you the noteworthy bits of knowledge expected to distinguish and investigate downtime, instigating measurements like DNS record errors, network problem and so on. The survey now report offers in-depth data on specifics like SSL/TLS convention adaptation utilized Cipher suite points of interest like Key Exchange, Bulk Encryption, and Hash Function. Likewise, accumulate basic data like Traceroute yield from observing areas. Here we provide Website Availability 24×7, call us and get quick support.

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