Web page Defacement Monitoring

Website Defacement Monitoring with Cognegic

The Website Defacement or Web Page Defacement is considered as an attack on website or web page which suddenly changes the appearance of the website. This kind of Website Defacement is generally done by the unauthorized person or system hackers. The typical focuses for defacement are government associations and religious sites. These demonstrations are generally executed by activists.

The attackers deface the website for different purposes, first one is, the attackers who are against a government or particular movement can deface the website and another one is only for fun. The attackers deface the websites just for fun. They deface the website with message or picture of their choice.

Negative Impact of Website Defacement

Indeed, even after the defacement is expelled, the site can endure the long-haul loss of traffic and business. Here we share some of the negative impacts of Website Defacement

  • The most negative impact of Website Defacement is, you lose your valuable customers. Your visitors or guests may be concerned about visiting your page and as a result, you lose your potential customers.
  • The website Defacement creates a negative impact on your page rank and traffic. If Google identified your website is defaced then surely the Google add your website to a blacklist. It simply means you can lose up to 95% of website traffic.
  • Obviously, the Website Defacement create a negative impact on your brand image


Prevent your Website being defaced with Cognegic

We know that Website Defacement is not good for any business or organization. That’s why keeping all these things in mind we develop Website Defacement Monitoring Tool. But before using these tools we will let you know how you can protect your website from being defaced.

1)    You have to secure your database from SQL injection

2)    You have to also update your website’s software on the regular basis

3)    Always use SSL

4)    Always prefer server side and client side validation on forms

5)    Secure files and directory permissions

Get Web Defacement Detection Service with Cognegic

Cognegic’s Website Defacement Monitoring Software/Tools occasionally checks the integrity of your site by detecting modification of substance and other basic components. When you set up this monitoring tool, it begins surveying your page and will record any distinguished web altering. Cognegic provides following Web Defacement detection benefits:

  • Quickly detect the security breaches
  • It increased the website availability
  • Quickly detect the website outages and failures

Why Users need Cognegic’s Website Defacement Monitoring Tool?

1)    For website safety

2)    Minimize the impact on brand reliability

3)    Detect unwanted changes

4)    Get the overview of website variation statistics

Step by Step checking of your Website via Cognegic’s Defacement Monitoring Tool

  • Cognegic uses an advanced monitoring tool to check if your website was defaced
  • Cognegic also utilize the intelligent baselining process to identify the issue & Our Website Defacement Monitoring Service is available 24×7
  • Our experts proactively monitor your whole system and detect the issue. If they found any unusual issue then they let you know via SMS, Emails and Push Notifications.

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