REST API Monitoring

What is API?

The API is abbreviated as “Application Programming Interface” which is a set of protocols and tools and used for developing the software applications. The API simply allows two software programs to communicate with each other. For instance:

When you purchase movie picture tickets online and enter your credit card data, the film ticket website utilizes an API to send your MasterCard data to a remote application that confirms whether your data is right. When installment is affirmed, the remote application sends a reaction back to the film ticket webpage saying it’s OK to issue the tickets. The API is very well used to organize the information in such a way, that it can be accessed through the HTTP request. “Contact to Cognegic for REST API Monitoring

Use REST API to Check the Critical Performance of your Website

The REST API is a set of function which is utilized by developers/programmers to perform the request and furthermore get reactions through HTTP protocols. Today there are no ventures or applications that don’t have a REST API for the production of expert administrations in light of this software. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook identification system, several organizations creates a business on account of REST and REST APIs. Without them, any even development would be essentially outlandish. This is on the grounds that REST is the most sensible, proficient and far-reaching standard in the production of APIs for Internet administrations.

Proactive Monitoring for RET API with Cognegic

Check and observe the accessibility and reaction time of your REST API endpoints from different locations globally.  Likewise, get knowledge into the reaction time of mobile and web applications that utilize your APIs as a day by day driver. Recognize downtime and fix basic issues previously clients are influenced. Investigate each part of your REST API execution and remain over the issues with immediate notices through Email, SMS, voice calls and push messages. Cognegic’s REST API Monitoring Tool can easily detect the problem and solve it.

Quickly Diagnose API Transaction Failures with Cognegic

With basic revealing and itemized details, get bits of knowledge on the key measurements that influence the API execution. Examine each part of your REST API execution, recognize downtime and fix basic issues previously clients are influenced.

Why users use Cognegic REST API?

  • It has capability to access the data and manage the data
  • It allow you to build your own application
  • This is a perfect service for monitoring
  • It has unique ability to monitor anything

Choose Cognegic’s REST API to Measure the Performance of your Website

  • It has the capability to access the data and manage the data
  • It allows you to build your own application
  • This is a perfect service for monitoring
  • Cognegic’s REST API Monitoring Service is advance, reliable & affordable

Why API Monitoring with Cognegic?

  • Your clients anticipate that your site will be accessible all day and all night. Cognegic helps you convey that desire, observing HTTP(S), web administrations (SOAP, REST API), SSL Certificates, DNS, and servers, alarming your group in a flash.
  • No one loves a moderate, conflicting site. Track your site execution issues, including moderate first/outsider page components, and view rich waterfall reports to help forestall disappointments and downtime, utilizing Cognegic’s REST API Tools
  • Try not to lose income as a result of a broken site communication. Cognegic ceaselessly checks your site multi-step exchanges for uptime and execution, passing on minute cautions and data the moment your request, frameworks, and logins crash and burn.

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