Real User Monitoring

Measuring the Performance of your Website with Cognegic’s RUM

The Real User Monitoring is a perfect tool which can easily analyze and capture each transaction by the users of a website. You can also call it Real User Metrics, Real User Measurement or simply Rum. The Real User Monitoring can determine two things:

1)    How your end-clients are really encountering your site or portable application

2)    How the data & information can be interpreted into actionable insight to achieve the business goals

The Real User Monitoring can effectively determine the performance of the website with the help of some tools like JavaScripts, network sniffers etc.

How Cognegic’s Real Users Monitoring Perform the Task?

Cognegic’s Real User Monitoring Approach analyzes the simplicity of client cooperation crosswise over sessions on cloud-, portable, or web-based applications. It at that point creates an execution report that can be utilized to investigate and settle distinguished infrastructure or client issues.

The observing enables one to catch live sessions, follow a client experience over a few levels, recognize what the client clicked, know the reaction times, and see the malfunctioning pages.

Basic Steps of Cognegic’s Real User Monitoring

1)    First, the Cognegic’s Real User Monitoring captures the data on browser

2)    Then Sessionization process will start where captured hit data re-assembled into a record

3)    After that problem detection process will start where analyzed for any unusual behavior

4)    Then recreate individual visit &

5)    Finally, an alert mechanism has been triggered for any critical issue


Get Unmatched visibility with Cognegic’s Real User Monitoring

Cognegic’s has Best Real User Monitoring tool where our professionals are able to quickly identify the problem and troubleshoot them within the estimated time period. Our RUM collects your valuable data related to your website & instantly checks your website’s weak point & strong point. Cognegic provides complete and depth visibility into Real User Experience by checking & monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Choose Cognegic’s RUM to make your Website More Effective

  • Check and monitor your site performance in real-time
  • View the performance metrics of your website by geographic locations
  • Quickly alert you if any issue has occurred & also provide Real User Monitoring for Mobile
  • Effectively monitor your website’s page load time, downtime and slowdowns
  • Our professional experts quickly fix the problem before end-user notice

Eliminate all the Blind Spots with the help of Cognegic RUM

Relate visual execution to computerized business results naturally. Cognegic Visually entire is the main answer for dispense with client encounter blindsides and give the most precise and important estimation of client encounter. Center advantages of visually entire:

  • 100% permeability to real genuine client encounters
  • Quicken execution change
  • Adjust IT and business to interface UX with business results
  • Enhance choices crosswise over advancement, operations and client travel