Windows Monitoring

Ensure the Availability and Performance of your Windows Server with Cognegic

The Windows Server is one of the most important foundations for any applications or business from QL server to Active Directory that’s why it is mandatory to know any unauthorized activity and keep your applications safe and secure. Cognegic uses different kinds of technologies to check and monitor your Windows Servers. Here we also provide some NetFlow packet sniffing sensors to check individual data packets.  An absence of disk space on your servers can bring about the total disappointment of any or the majority of your install applications. Expanded CPU utilization can cause client experience to slow to a crawl, affect your productivity.  Cognegic keeps you cautioned to these potential bottlenecks by checking basic system segments like CPU, RAM, disk space etc.

Some Challenges for Windows Server Monitoring

  • Guarantee that, Windows servers are up and asset use is ideal
  • Capacity to pinpoint assets that are very nearly disappointment
  • Oversee inventory and capacity planning
  • Check and observe Windows and heterogeneous arrangement of Microsoft applications

Check with Cognegic why Applications are running very slow on your Windows Server

1)    Make sure, insufficient memory, high CPU utilization and disk storage can prevent applications to run on Windows server

2)   Sometime the issue of Windows Server can caused by failure of hardware components

3)   Sometime rogue service and the process can cause the Windows Server problem

Get Professional Windows Server Monitoring Service with Cognegic

Cognegic uses an exhaustive observing tool that covers all your monitoring needs. You get a worldwide outline of your system, accessible all day, every day. Get rid of juggling an assortment of particular devices which just offer secluded arrangements and cost valuable time. With Cognegic, you’ll advantage from solutions which have been in progress for quite a long while. Gone are the days when you have to persistently program new interfaces yourself its altogether done as of now.

  • With our Windows Server Monitoring Tool, we can easily detect insufficient memory, high CPU utilization
  • We can easily find out when you will run out of resources
  • We can also identify what is normal resource consumption

Check your whole Microsoft Applications in one go

  • We provide depth visibility into critical failover cluster metrics and solve them quickly
  • We can easily detect any outages, network failure and protocol failure
  • We also solve if any service, batch job or process is failed
  • We continuously monitor your servers like CPU, memory, disk space and also provide Windows Server Monitoring Alert if there is any issue
  • We also provide remote access to Windows event logs & Windows Server Disk Monitoring

What users will Track with Cognegic’s Windows Server Monitoring Tool?

  • Through Cognegic you become more acquainted with if there is any adjustments in your files and directories with the assistance of File and Directory Monitoring
  • Through Log Monitoring File you will be notified in real time if any sting patterns are detected
  • With the help of Windows Event Log Monitoring, it detects the anomalies in windows event logs. Cognegic has Best Windows Server Monitoring Tool to check and analyze your issue

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