Linux Monitoring

Here you can view all your basic measurements in a solitary dashboard.

With Cognegic you will get the proper monitoring of your Linux server such as:

  • Disk utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • CPU utilization
  • System load
  • System uptime

Optimize the Performance of your Linux Server with Cognegic’s Monitoring Tool

As we know that the Linux is one of the most popular and globally used servers which are preferred by many organizations and business. The applications ranging from web servers to SAP and CRM, database to infrastructures etc. all are hosted on Linux Servers. But any slowdown or downtime can frustrate a user that’s why it becomes to monitor and check the Linux servers.

But with Cognegic we effectively reduce the system maintenance and support cost. Our advanced Linux Monitoring Tools ensure that your Linux servers are working properly without creating any conflicts.

Complete Monitoring and Checking of your Linux Server and Application Performance with Cognegic

The Cognegic provide out-of-box Linux Health Monitoring. We effectively monitor your memory utilization, CPU usage, disk utilization and so on. Cognegic is the best server monitoring company in a market because it utilizes agent-based and agentless monitoring solutions to their users. Cognegic is a purely web-based performance monitoring solution for entire Linux environments. It provides support for numerous Linux variants including CentOS, Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Linux and so on.

Some Common Linux problem which is faced by every Linux Users

  • If there is the insufficient memory, CPU overloaded and disk space then surely it affects your Linux infrastructures.
  • It is hard to investigate execution issues without a reasonable perspective of the soundness of basic applications running on Linux.
  • If the server hardware, power supply fails then it negatively affects your Linux server.

Cognegic Actively Monitor your Entire Linux Server and Provide 24*7 Service

With Cognegic, administrators get an overview of their Linux systems, employees appreciate a steady workplace, and managers are given figures they can trust. Enhance the execution of your system and tackle issues before they emerge.

Cognegic utilizes customized Linux and UNIX sensors to check and monitor Linux frameworks, without the need to install or adjust anything on the objective device. Linux working frameworks are observed by the method for SNMP and SSH conventions, while Linux servers are checked utilizing WBEM and SSH conventions. With SSH, information is sent through a protected connection with keeping sensitive data from being compromised off during the sending of monitoring information. Contact to Cognegic for Linux Monitoring Server.

Linux Performance Monitoring & Tuning with Cognegic

Linux execution checking in the server center enhances operational proficiency and profitability along these lines lessening costs and boosting income. Linux Performance Monitoring permits server execution issues to be triaged and helped rapidly.

Some Key Benefits of Using Linux Server Monitoring Tool by Cognegic

  • Out-of-box support for whole Linux Server which users can’t find anywhere
  • 24*7 support and service through certified professional experts
  • Our Linux Monitoring service is affordable, lower cost
  • Intimates users via SMS, Email and Push Notifications if there is an issue

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