File and Directory Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitor your File & Directory Changes in Servers with Cognegic Monitoring Tool

Cognegic gives complete File and Directory Monitoring usefulness, that lets you in a flash, distinguish storage subsystem issues, the unexpected steep increment in disk utilization. Our agent-less checking capability lets you rapidly begin observing both the nearby and remote files and directory. Cognegic check these document and directory and caution you straightaway, in the event that it finds any deviations from the normal conduct.

Various Attributes are monitored

File Size

Directory Size

File Size Changed

Directory Size Changed

Last Modified Time etc.

Capabilities of Cognegic’s Files & Directory Monitoring

1)    Provide real-time alerts on any critical changes in File Monitoring and Directory Monitoring

2)    Effectively check and monitor all executable files, content files, and system configuration files and so on

3)    It also provides complete audit trail all entire changes which happen on Files, Folders, and directory

4)    Also, provide exhaustive reports with precise integrity details

Check who is making changes to your Files and Directories in Real-time with Cognegic’s Monitoring Tool

  • Secure sensitive records and registries by getting informed in a flash upon getting to and when permissions are changed.
  • Check specified records and indexes for creation or cancellation, to keep away from basic information misfortune.
  • Identify mistakes in log documents on time through Content Check and keep away from fallout costs.
  • Distinguish unapproved file modifications and keep away from obsolescence by following documents which have not been adjusted for a set period.
  • Track URLs, ports, occasion logs and syslogs in Windows and Linux servers proactively, keeping away from manual observing.

Quick & Real-time Warning with Cognegic

  • Get informed inside milliseconds of record alterations, cancellations, renames, new documents, record access and latency on your record framework or system shares.
  • Quickly check your local registries or system shares including shrouded/private offers.
  • Inflatable warnings at whatever point an occasion are identified.

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