Log File Monitoring

Monitor your Log File Performance with Cognegic

Cognegic gives full checking of log documents, application logs, occasion logs, service logs, and framework sign on Windows servers, Linux servers, and UNIX servers. Nagios is equipped for observing framework logs, application logs, log documents, and Syslog information, and alarming you when a log design is recognized.

The Log files contain priceless data, for example, operation status and results, bugs, and considerably more. Checking the log documents encourages IT administrator to know the execution of the frameworks and mission basic applications, for example, Oracle, SAP, ERP, IIS, and so on progressively.

Cognegic offers operator based log record observing to screen framework and application logs. The specialist conveyed on the end Windows framework screens the content log documents progressively.

Some Key Features

  • It has unique capability to protect your IT services with the help of log data analysis
  • If there is any changes in your servers, applications and network it effectively monitor all these stuffs
  • It also detects any error message, DNS errors, and malicious activities and so on.

Why Log File Monitoring with Cognegic?

  • For matching the exact string
  • For proper scanning
  • For tracking the duplicates entries
  • For secure communication
  • This is light weight and easy to install